Here at Coleus Packaging, safety, quality and environmental compliance are non-negotiable, but our VALUE is in each individual. That’s why YOUR SAFETY comes first and we ask you to honour our culture of SAFETY FIRST.

Our people are at the heart of everything we do and we value their safety and the safety of our communities above all.

We have made tremendous progress over the recent years in safety, but until we are accident and injury free we won’t be satisfied with our results.

We wish you an injury free stay at our site.

Coleus Packaging Health & Safety Policy

  • Our Dream is to be the best and safest Crown company in a better world
  • We will strive to prevent all accidents injuries and occupational illnesses within our operations
  • We have a legal & moral obligation to safeguard our employees, visitors, contractors and general public against injury, disease and risks associated with our operations
  • We achieve this through a collaboration between our Coleus leadership, employees, contractors, visitors and community
  • We prioritise safety objectives & targets and provide all resources required to achieve these objectives
  • All are required to make positive contribution towards creating a safe & Healthy operation


What is S.A.F.E?
S.A.F.E is your personal risk assessment.

When must I use S.A.F.E?

S.A.F.E is your personal risk assessment.

Existing standards are non-negotiable

MANAGMENT IS ACCOUNTABLE for providing a safe working environment, however, each and every emplyee or contractor has to take personal accountability for their own health and safety.

THE CORRECT PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be provided and worn at all times.

Safety and Health SYMBOLIC SIGNAGE must be obeyed at all times.

Ensure you have the REQUIRED PERMIT to work and strictly follow lockout procedures at all times.

REPORT all injuries / near misses and unsafe acts conditions on the same day before the end of the shift – no exceptions.