Coleus is a crown manufacturing company situated in South Africa


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Coleus Packaging (Pty) Ltd is the largest and most dominant crown supplier of metal bottle closures (crowns) for the brewing and bottling industries in Southern Africa, producing over 6 billion crowns a year and supplying to over 10 countries.




To become Africa’s preferred Metal Crown Supplier by achieving World Class Manufacturing Standards, being Cost Effective and Customer Centric


Our Values

Safety first : We never take any shortcuts when it comes to Safety, regardless if it is behaviour or the condition of our work place
Quality : Zero fault tolerance. We are judged by the craftsmanship of our work, products and services, so the highest standards are maintained at all times
Teamwork : Our people are our strength. We work together, we can create something greater than ourselves as individuals and applying a 100% mindset
Environment : Having a joy not just for the work itself, but also the environment around us, so that we can be contributing to a better world.
Discipline : We Act with strong self-control and follow the company ethics at all times

Honesty : We act in a transparent, trustworthy manner that earns the respect of colleagues, customers, and the public.
Accountability : We accept responsibility for our actions (and inactions) is the ultimate way to build trust internally and externally. We achieve our results
Diversity and Inclusion : We bring different lived experiences and a range of backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity.
Learning : We don’t have all the answers. Knowledge sharing and continuous learning (competency) is the basis for our success
Customers : Creating a great customer experience begins with staying true to the words we speak and the bonds we make. – internal/external


Customers in Africa

• South Africa
• Lesotho
• Eswatini (Swaziland)
• Mozambique
• Zimbabwe
• Namibia
• Botswana
• Zambia
• Ghana



Managing Director
Ian Victor
Coleus Packaging (Pty) Ltd
M: +27 (0)66 115 1356
O:+27 (0)10 045 6841

Financial Director
Lawrence Balakistan
Coleus Packaging (Pty) Ltd 21 Potgieter Street, Alrode, 1457
M: +27 (0)82 776 4378
O: +27 (0)10 045 6841



Commercial Manager
Sanjay Arujun
Coleus Packaging (Pty) Ltd
M: +27 (0)76 158 4121
O: +27 (0)10 045 6872

Sales Manager
Shawin Betchoo
Coleus Packaging (Pty) Ltd M: +27 (0)71 602 6351
O: +27 (0)10 045 6845

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